Smoke & Fire Damage

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Fires are devastating to your home or business and can be very dangerous. Fire Fighters are life savors but once they the fire is out and they leave, your property is an eye sore with soot and smoke damage. Furthermore, there is a widespread of water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts to save [...]

Wildfire Defensible Space Area in Colorado

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Considering our area has been burned twice, big time, in the last two years we hope it this information applies to you, you’ll take it seriously… Zone 1 is the wildfire original defensible space area. It is the area of maximum modification and management (described in Colorado State Forest Service publications Home Fire Protection [...]

Bad Times in the Black Forest

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Bad Times in the Black Forest The Black Forest fires caused both loss of life and loss of approximately 500 homes. The heartbreak and loss is sincerely a catastrophe. Colorado has had a couple of bad years for fire damage, which in many cases causes both smoke and water damage. As an award winning [...]