Wildfire Defensible Space Area in Colorado

Considering our area has been burned twice, big time, in the last two years we hope it this information applies to you, you’ll take it seriously…

Zone 1 is the wildfire original defensible space area. It is the area of maximum modification and management (described in Colorado State Forest Service publications Home Fire Protection in the Wildland Urban Interface, and Wildfire Protection in the Wildland Urban Interface).
Zone 3 is an area of traditional forest management activities. It is of no specific size, but ideally would extend from the wildfire defensible space area to the property boundaries.
Zone 2 is a transitional area between zones 1 and 3. The downhill, uphill and side distance measurements for this area generally are the same as in zone 1 defensible space area, but combined they should extend at least 75 to 100 feet from the house. Within this area, the intent is to “feather” the heavy thinning of zone 1 into the more traditional forest cover of zone 3. This eliminates the wall of dense, un-thinned forest fuels which currently exist around wildfire defensible space area, while enhancing home-site safety and the aesthetics of the property. Defensible space area is an important concept to remember and act upon if you live in Colorado or any area where wildfire might occur.

If you do avoid the burn, but still have smoke damage we can help you.

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