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Remember the last time you changed your furnace air filter? That old filter was literally packed with dust, dirt and other environmental debris that was flowing through the inside of your home – and the inside of your heating ducts! If you think that your furnace air filter will keep your duct work clean, think again.

Home Construction
From the time it was brand-new, your home’s duct work could possibly have already been contaminated with construction debris, rodent feces, dead insects and any other dirt and polluitant that made its way into your heating/cooling system before it was “sealed” and completed. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned since then, you may be breathing whatever was left in your ducting. And the steel that makes up most of the ducting in your home is made of steel, and that steel was slightly oiled at the factory to keep it from rusting and otherwise deteriorating. That slightly oily surface can provide the “stickiness” to hold whatever debris and pollutant that is blown through your ducting.

Bacteria and other Pathogens
While you may appreciate the energy efficiency of your well-built, well-insulated home due to the very effective technologies employed to keep the could out and the heat in, this lack of air movement could be wreaking havoc on your ducting. Today’s energy efficient home construction tends to trap excess moisture in various locations throughout your home, often resulting in the growth of bacteria. Your home’s ductwork is a prime breeding ground for bacteria to grow, because it can remain undisturbed for years – unless you have your home’s ducting cleaned on a regular basis.

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